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Sonoff B1 Dimmable Light RGB Color Smart Wiif E27 LED Light Bulb Remote ON/OFF Smart House Automation Module Wifi Bulb Via Phone

Sonoff B1 Dimmable Lamp RGB Color Smart Wiif E27 LED Light
Bulb Remote ON/OFF Smart Home Automation Module Wifi Bulb Via Phone Price:

US $ 19.39 Discount rate: 0 %< a href="" > Order Now Because Thomas Edison . invented the light bulb, people have actually found numerous methods to use it. Nowadays, we have light . bulbs everywhere: in our houses, workplaces, stores, cars and on the streets. Additionally, . presently we can purchase bulbs of different colors. In the past, the only colors . available were white or a soft yellow. These days, we have a large range of . colors: blue, red, green, purple and so on. For that reason, we can color our home or . office according to our choices. Also, presently, all the old light bulbs . are changed with new ones called LED light bulbs. Besides taking in much less . power and being more durable, they likewise have a sophisticated style that fits . perfectly every space. The LED light bulbs have some excellent qualities that we ‘re .
going to assess below.


the typical light bulbs, the LED light bulbs are . typically made of resistant products. For example, the LYM 3W Bed Room Living Decor Modern Aluminum LED Light Bulbs has a . metal surface that’s anti-corrosive, scratch resistant and rust evidence. The bulb . works effectively even in the sunlight, providing a clear and brilliant light. The . life-span is extremely long and the power usage is very low. This light . bulb works at a voltage of 220V and on a rated power of 3W. It likewise has various . view angles: 120Ú, 60Ú, 45Ú, 30Ú and 15Ú. It has just one LED as a light . source. The LED has different color temperature levels: 6000K, 4000K, 3500K and . 3000K. The bulb is made of aluminum and offers a warm white light color. This . LED light bulb is incredibly easy to install and can be best for a dining . space, a study room, a bed room or a sitting space.


light bulbs can also . have innovative and modern-day styles. Consider example the LYM 6W Bright High Power Energy Conserving LED Light Bulbs. This particular . bulb has an intriguing and distinct shape. Likewise, it’s very effective. It uses a .
heat dissipation innovation and it’s extremely trustworthy, steady and safe. The .
bulb is made from PC and aluminum and has a 6W power. It utilizes 6 lights in order to . use a white and warm color. Its voltage is 265V and the lighting angles vary . from 120Ú to 180Ú. The color temperatures likewise differ between 3000K and 6000K. . Last, but not least, this special light bulb is energy saving, thus it takes in . less power than other light bulbs. So, if you prepare to replace all your old light bulbs , you can .
take into factor to consider some of the LED light bulbs above.

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