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Itead Sonoff S20 Wireless WIFI Remote Control Socket Smart Timer Plug Smart Home Power Socket EU US UK Requirement by App Ewelink

< img src =" "/ > Itead Sonoff S20 Wireless WIFI Remote Control Socket Smart Timer Plug Smart Home Power Socket EU United States UK Requirement by App Ewelink Price: US $ 14.92 Discount: 22 %< a href="" > Order Now RGB controller for LED is a lighting gadget that drives RGB LEDs such as strip lights, panel lights, wall washers based upon various output kinds of the gadget. A control unit is required to manage the gadget based upon the gadget control user interface including RF wireless, DMX512, DALI and 0-10V, amongst which RF is the finest one for house lighting control and makes it possible for cordless home automation thanks to its portable, remote and far away control features.RGB controller with RF remote control is a user friendly system that includes a RF remote, an RGB controller and LED lights that are driven by it. The remote shall be coupled with the device by basic operation of the learning key on the device once the wiring of gadget is done. As soon as pairing is done, the control range can be as much as 20 meters. The remote makes it possible for users to change on/off, increase/decrease light strength of each R, G and B output channel, choose R/G/B colors by touch color

wheel. In addition, it is able to play built-in dynamic RGB color running modes with speed adjustable. Scenes can be saved and remembered for various atmospheres and areas. Multi-zone control is another great feature that allow users to combine the multiple gadgets in different locations to various zones on the remote and control independently or synchronously.

For circumstances, gadgets in sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and cooking area can be managed independently. With a WiFi-RF converter, the gadget can also be controlled by APP installed on IOS or Android mobile devices. The devices are readily available with various output types to suitable for different LED lights, such as AC output, DC consistent voltage and DC consistent current output. An AC-DC power supply is needed to power the device with DC


. The rf remote makes unrestricted possibilities of colors, scenes and vibrant changing modes for RGB LED lamps to create best moods. Plus it makes cordless house automation for lighting control possible and can be a reliable and perfect option. No complicated operation and electrical wiring required, simple to learn and use , it is suitable for clever home lighting control.

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