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FUNRY EU/UK Standard remote control switch 2 gang 1 method pancel screen touch switch smart home switch EU RF 433mhz AC170V-240V

< img src =" "/ > FUNRY EU/UK Standard push-button control
switch 2 gang 1 way
pancel screen touch switch smart home switch EU RF 433mhz AC170V-240V Price: US $ 16.99 Discount: 0 %< a href="" > Order Now Touch dimmer switch is now popular for home lighting control due to its easy to use interface and simple operations by complete touch. It is rather easy to utilize with remarkable functions such as switching on/off, brightness change and different or synchronous dimming and changing of multiple zones.A touch dimmer always features an easy to use user interface and is easy to run. All operations are done by easy finger touch. The icons on the glass touch user interface plainly suggest the

function and are simple to understand. It is developed with ultra delicate glass touch panel which permits accurate and fast brightness modification. The changing on/off and dimming operation can be quite smooth without any flickering. If the touch dimmer switch is designed with multiple zone control function, it can control all these zones separately or synchronously without any confusions. For example you can control the sitting space, bed room, kitchen area and bathroom

together or individually. The control distance differs depending on the receiver you pick. If you pick a cordless receiver, the control distance can be as much as 30 meters. If you choose a receiver that have wiring with the touch dimmer, for example, DMX decoder, 0-10V receiver or DALI decoder, the control distance can be even more. Not just mono chrome touch dimmer is readily available, however likewise dual color( warm white and cold white) one and RGB/RGB( W) one are available. For mono chrome lamps, it uses basic switch and dimming functions and allows several zone control that implies one controller can manage

lots of receivers. For double color lights, it provides color temperature modification and brightness change of each channel functions by touch operations. For RGB or RGB( W) lamps, it enables RGB color tone change and dynamic changing pattern control besides dimming and changing. The receivers will have the very same control interface as the dimmer switch. If the switch is a RF wireless controller, the receiver shall be designed with RF control user interface that receives RF signal. If the switch is a controller that sends digital control signal such as DALI and DMX, the receiver will be designed with DMX or DALI control user interface to receive the signal. For RF, you have to pair the dimmer and receiver. For DMX, 0-10V or DALI, just electrical wiring is enough. While you choose the best dimmer and receiver based on your preference< a href=" ">< img src="" alt=" Health Fitness Articles "border =" 0 "/ >, you can begin to enjoy the benefit and versatility of a touch dimmer switch.

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