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12V 24V 2CH RF Wireless Remote Control Lighting Switch System transmitter Receiver 2CH Relay Smart Home z-wave

< img src=""/ > 12V 24V 2CH RF Wireless Push-button Control Lighting Switch System transmitter Receiver 2CH Relay Smart Home z-wave Price: United States $ 7.55 Discount rate: 16 %< a href="" > Order Now It is very fascinating and fantastic to control your LED lighting with a WiFi LED controller through your IOS or Android mobile phones. It allows you to control cordless, flexibly and smoothly.The WiFi LED controller is in fact an APP installed on your mobile devices, which makes it possible for users to change brightness, RGB color tone and

color temperature level efficiently. Then how can it manage the lights? The answer is WiFi, and the APP will be contributed to the home network via a bridge linked to the router. The bridge also has the function of a signal converter. The entire system will consist of a mobile gadget with the APP set up, a bridge with signal converter function with RJ45 port, a router, a receiver that receives the signal and manage the LED lights. The bridge shall be linked to the router via RJ45 cable television, and after that the APP will be added to house network through the bridge. The bridge will get the WiFi signal from the mobile and converts it to RF( radio frequency )signal and sends it to the receiver, the receiver receives the RF signal and delivers PWM signal to manage the linked lights. The RF receiver shall be selected according to the input type of your LED lamps considering that the output ends of the receiver will be linked to the input ends of the lights. Of course your LEDs shall be dimmable first,

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consult the salesperson when you buying LED lights. If the they are designed with AC input, you should choose a receiver with AC output. If they are developed with DC input, a receiver with DC output should be picked, and a AC-DC power supply perhaps needed for the receiver. In addition, you must determine whether the LEDs are created with continuous current or consistent voltage input. The most amazing features of WiFi LED Controller are cordless and full touch smooth control. The control range can be over 20 meters, which means you can run anywhere in your home. Dimming, color temperature level change, RGB color tone modification

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src =”” alt=” Free Web Material” border=” 0″/ >, dynamic changing patterns and more can be controlled efficiently by your fingers. It is truly smart lighting control option.

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